Tips for quick sales on eBay 2019

Tips for quick sales on eBay 2019

eBay selling tips! No one wants their items hanging around on eBay forever right? Since we started reselling on eBay I have been compiling a list of hacks I have learnt along the way. Keep reading for our top tips on how to shift your eBay items as quickly as possible.

Send offers to watchers

Did you know you can send offers out to people that are watching your items individually or send out a bulk offer to all watchers e.g. 10% off? This will help to engage your watchers and encourage them to make the purchase quicker.

Use desktop

The eBay app does not always show you which items you can send offers to watchers (see above). The desktop version has a tab where you can manage all offers to watchers.

Make the most of eBay’s promotions

A good way to try and shift stock fast is to take advantage of eBay’s ‘max £1 seller fees’ promotion they run occasionally. Best used for higher priced items, your seller fees will be capped at (usually) £1. If you sell a higher priced item on a one day listing (which costs £4.99) you can shift stock quickly and save on seller fees. The promotions usually only last a few days so won’t work with a typical 7 day listing.

Use the ‘sell similar’ function

If your item doesn’t sell, consider re-listing it using the ‘Sell Similar’ function. If you use ‘Sell Similar’ to relist, the listing is considered new with no history and gets treated as a new listing in eBay’s visibility. Auto re-listed items can get shown to less people so this won’t help if you want a quick sale.

Go global to reach out to more people

Some items may sell better with an international audience, designer items for example. Make sure that you reflect overseas postage charges in your listing so it doesn’t eat into your profit! A bigger audience should lead to a quicker sale!

Schedule listings

Apparently the most popular time to buy on eBay is 7-9pm and the most active day is Sunday. To try and shift stock quickly, schedule listings to end on Sunday evenings.

Accept offers

If an item is listed with ‘buy it now’ make sure people can make offers, you can always set a lower limit for offers if you have a reserve price. Some buyers don’t want to wait for the hassle of the auction so buy it now can lead to quicker sales.

Keep postage as cheap as possible

High postage costs can put buyers off, never charge more than postage will cost you. For single tops/small items that will fit flat into a large envelope and weigh less than 100g you can charge as little as £0.83. Check out more info on postage prices here.

Use the right vocabulary to attract more buyers

Check out points 13, 15 & 17 from the following article from Money Saving Expert. Certain words and eBay jargon can help to attract more potential buyers to your listings. Using the correct phrasing can attract a bigger audience and lead to a quicker sale.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to check out my other eBay related posts: eBay reselling advise – make more money from splitting sets; How to prepare for a day of eBay stock hunting and Items to invest in for running an eBay business. Please share any other eBay tips you have with us!

15 thoughts on “Tips for quick sales on eBay 2019

  1. I love shopping on eBay, but I don’t currently sell often. Thank you for sharing simple suggestions to be more successful like when to sell. I appreciate the ideas.

    1. If you have any secondhand items its definitely worth you listing a few and seeing how you get on 🙂

  2. I’ve found things so much easier to use in eBay since you mentioned using the desktop site….I wondered where I was going wrong!
    Thankyou for this insight…

  3. This was actually such a good read! I’ve got so much I need to list on eBay! Didn’t know you could send offers out! @debt_be_gone_

    1. Get listing 🙂 I would set yourself small goals, I start with taking the pictures then listing when I have a few spare minutes.

  4. Thank you for the tips, and especially the sending offers to Watchers which I never knew about!
    @mysticstorm on IG

  5. This is going to inspire me to have a declutter as have lots of clothes to eBay that are just sat taking up precious space in my cupboard. This would be a win win – @farleyclaire

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