10 Tips to Make Extra Cash

The countdown to Christmas is on – 10 Tips to Make Extra Cash

With only 10 weeks left until Christmas the panic is beginning to set in. I have a large family and lots to think about before the big day. Christmas can be expensive so I wanted to share 10 top tips to help you bring in some extra cash or bag some freebies in the run-up to Christmas. Here are our Tips to Make Extra Cash:

  1. Sign up to Quidco
  2. Complete BINGO £40 cashback on Quidco
  3. Sign up to the ‘Latest Free Stuff’ WhatsApp Group
  4. Register for online survey sites
  5. Download money-making apps
  6. Declutter – find items around the home that you no longer need and sell on Facebook
  7. Clean out your closet and list items on eBay
  8. Make money from exercising – Download Sweatcoin
  9. Follow inspirational accounts – @WhatLaurenFound
  10. Search BNWT (Brand New With Tags)

 Sign up to Quidco

If you haven’t previously signed up to Quidco it is a fantastic resource, everyone should get an account. Quidco is currently the number one UK’s cashback site. Cashback is a simple as it sounds you basically get a percentage of cashback when you buy something online so for example if I was going to buy something from The White Company I would go onto Quidco first I would search for The White Company and this will tell me how much cashback I would receive after purchasing through Quidco. You currently get 5% for The White Company so if you were to spend £100 you would get £5 back.  the best thing about Quidco is that you can also download a Google Chrome installation which notifies you if there is cashback available on any website you are currently visiting. over the last year, I have received £100 cashback. this is mainly through switch deals, for example, you can get up to £70 from switching energy providers or mobile phone providers. I really would urge you to sign up today if you haven’t currently got a Quidco account the only thing that you will need is a PayPal account.

Complete £40 new bingo offer on Quidco

If you are a new Quidco customer and also you have not signed up to any Gambling or matched betting sites before you can really easily make an extra £40. When you are on the Quidco website Click on show me more and then bingo, sort the offers by the amount and then you will be able to see how you can easily make some extra cash. Make sure you read all the small print. You will need to deposit an amount of money to be able to get the cashback.

Sign up to the latest free stuff WhatsApp group

I’m sure you have all visited freebie sites before and registered for freebies. A lot of the time when you finally get to register for a freebie you’re too late. The latest free stuff WhatsApp group send you a message every time there is a new freebie, you also get a daily update that summarises the new freebies on the site. To register:

1) Click the join WhatsApp button.

2) Save the mobile number to your contacts as “LatestFreeStuff”

3) Then send a message to the saved number that says “START” 

4) Now, sit back and wait for the freebie alerts to arrive. 

Register for online survey sites

There is a lot of money to be made by completing online surveys.  The top 2 sites that I use are respondent and prolific. If you have not already read our full review on both of these survey sides  I recommend you have a quick read. As long as you have some spare time there is money to be made. I recommend starting off with prolific and spending half an hour was just sat in front of the TV in the evening completing some basic surveys.

Download money-making apps

There are 100 of the hundreds of money-making apps for you to download. Over the last year, we have tested a number of apps, I would only recommend a few. The three apps I would recommend that you download today:

  • Job spotter –  pictures of job adverts when you’re out and about and instantly gives you cash rewards
  • Vox pop me –  this app pays you to share your opinions on different topics and subjects. your cash is available as soon as your mini video is approved.
  •  Checkoutsmart –  this app provides you with money-back offers and freebies you can redeem during your weekly shop.  filter by supermarket beauty offers and make sure that you keep your receipts to get your money back

Declutter – find items around the home that you no longer need and sell on Facebook 

10 Tips to Make Extra Cash - facebook

I am a big fan of selling or giving items to charity if I haven’t used them in a long time. You always going to receive presents over Christmas and I think it’s a great time to have a cleanout. Have a look in a few cupboards, if there are items that you haven’t used in months, take a few pictures of them to upload them to your local Facebook selling group and watch the money come in.  If these items haven’t sold in a few weeks think about taking them to charity.

Clean out your closet and list items on eBay 

This is one of my favourite Tips to Make Extra Cash. Pop upstairs have a look at what you haven’t worn in the last year. Take out at least three items and get these listed on eBay. I recommend reading one of my eBay guides if you haven’t sold a long time.  It is a great way to make some extra money before Christmas.

Make money from exercising – Download Sweatcoin

10 Tips to Make Extra Cash - sweatcoin

We are currently still in the process of testing Sweatcoin and writing a review.  However, we recommend downloading Sweatcoin and have it running in the background so you can start building up those coins to turn into prizes and cash. The app simple the more you walk the more Sweatcoins you receive and you can then convert the Sweatcoins into different prizes full stop will be writing a full review in the new year.

 Follow inspirational accounts – @WhatLaurenFound

There’s always such an inspiration to be found on Instagram. I recommend searching for relevant hashtags and finding accounts where you can learn new things and find out about new great experiences. One account I would highly recommend is what Lauren found. Lauren shares had daily finds and freebies.  She is always finding such grey beauty offers in-store and online. This could be a great place to start to find great Bargains for your Christmas shopping stop would you like 

Search BNWT

Did you know that you can search brand new with tags on eBay? this is a fantastic way to find brand new items at a fraction of the price. A lot of sellers also offer refunds and money-back guarantees.  If the item that you have purchased is not up to your standards you will be supplied with a return label and you can send this back through of charge and get your money back.

Please share any more Tips to Make Extra Cash, we love to hear your ideas!

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