Surveys for Money: Take a look at these great Websites!

Now this is one monster of a blog post. With the current global pandemic, we thought it would be a good idea to do an in depth review of all the online survey websites you can make money from. We go in depth about the following websites: Prolific, Swagbucks, Popluslive, Respondent, Branded Surveys, VYPR, One Pulse, YouGov, IPSOS I-SAY and Pinecone Research. If you want to make money from online surveys, look no further.

surveys for money - prolific


What is PROLIFIC? 

If you’ve ever wondered about participating in online surveys, but would prefer those developed in a more academic and researched manner, then Prolific just might be the place for you. It’s a research site which offers crowd-funded surveys and studies. 

You can participate in these, and you’ll get paid in cash – simple, isn’t it? 

How do you register for PROLIFIC? 

Signing up for Prolific is totally free! Just head on over to www.prolific.co and hit the sign-up button to register a free account. All they’ll need is your name and a working email address. 

How much can you make from PROLIFIC? 

Compared to most online survey sites, Prolific does offer better sums. Researchers can offer a minimum amount of £5, but of course this varies with other surveys offering higher amounts, even double the minimum. 

In turn, you can cash out your earnings via Paypal, which makes things a lot more convenient and straightforward. 

What do other money bloggers think of PROLIFIC? 

A lot of users and bloggers do recommend Prolific, with some testimonies stating that they’ve earned around £20-£30 in a month! For a task as simple as filling out a survey, that is indeed quite rewarding, and gives the site a better standing compared to other survey sites. Others have even stated that they’ve earned around £300 after a few months of being on the site. 

In their review, missmanypennies.com described Prolific as “interesting, varied, and the rewards are good,” and recommended Prolific to individuals looking to sign up for survey sites. 

Surveys for money - Swagbucks



A lot of fun can be had on the internet these days – watching endless clips online, playing fun little games, or even just casually surfing the net are hobbies that people everywhere enjoy. But what if we were to tell you that you can make money doing all of these? This is where Swagbucks comes in. 

Swagbucks lets you do the stuff we mentioned above, and in exchange they’ll reward you with credits, which you can then redeem for online shopping gift cards on Amazon and more! 

How do you register for SWAGBUCKS? 

It’s completely free, of course. Just head on over to www.swagbucks.com and hit the Sign Up button. You’ll need to provide an email address, but alternatively you can use your Facebook account for a quicker approach. 

How much can you make from SWAGBUCKS? 

Think of Swagbucks as an online portal or hub – they’ll assign you tasks like watching videos or filling out surveys, and you’ll be paid in Swagbucks reward points (also known as SB). SB points can vary depending on the task. For example, a £15 Amazon Gift Card will cost around 2500 SB. 

What do other money bloggers think of SWAGBUCKS? 

According to beemoneysavvy.com, they’ve amassed around £100 from Swagbucks, and according to them Swagbucks has “paid for a lot of Christmas presents, gadgets and more”. Sounds like a definite treat!  

Surveys for money - PopulusLive



If you’re on the lookout for reliable survey sites, then you might want to check out PopulusLive. Simply put, PopulusLive is a website which offers you cash in return for filling out surveys. What makes them stand out is that unlike your average survey site, PopulusLive doesn’t send you tons of spammy emails! 

How do you register for POPULUSLIVE? 

Getting started on PopulusLive is totally free – just head on over to www.populuslive.com, click on “sign up now” and fill in the rest of your details. The site will then notify you if there are surveys for which you’re eligible to take part in. 

How much can you make from POPULUSLIVE? 

PopulusLive is interestingly different due to the fact that it rewards you not only for answering surveys, but for the time you spend doing them as well. 

 The site says that you can earn £1 for every five minutes – this gives you a good idea of how much you can make, given that surveys can take anywhere between five to ten minutes, or longer. Some users have stated that they’ve earned over £50 from the site, which is very promising. 

What do other money bloggers think of POPULUSLIVE? 

In their review of PopulusLive, poundsandsense.com says that PopulusLive “can make a very worthwhile addition to your sideline-earning portfolio”. It has a fairly high rating among many users, making it a good recommendation.  

Surveys for money - Respondent



Survey websites come in all shapes and sizes, and some even go so far as to use different gimmicks to lure in potential users. Not Respondent though – it’s straightforward and honest about what it offers. 

Respondent serves as an online platform for companies to host surveys, and in turn these companies can hire users to participate in market surveys. 

How do you register for RESPONDENT? 

Signing up for Respondent is pretty easy, although you’ll need a few things – a phone with access to the internet, an email address with a PayPal account, and a LinkedIn account. You can also use Facebook instead of LinkedIn, if you prefer. Head on over to respondent.io and simply hit the sign up button. 

Once signed on, you can apply for surveys which you think fit you the best – alternatively, you can opt to get notifications telling you if there’s a survey available. 

How much can you make from RESPONDENT? 

According to their website, Respondent participants get a 50% service fee based on the participant incentive. One review states that you can earn up to around £100 in an hour, but of course this will depend on the type of survey you take part in. 

surveys for money - branded surveys



Based in California, USA, Branded Surveys is owned by a Branded Research. The service has been operating for around eight years now, and offers a pretty good sum in exchange for your time answering polls and surveys. 

If you’re looking to make some extra money during your spare time, then definitely check this out! 

How do you register for BRANDED SURVEYS? 

The process is straightforward, actually. Just head on over to surveys.gobranded.com to sign up for an account, or use an existing Facebook account to sign up with the service. The process is quite quick and completely free. 

Once you’re signed in, you can start taking surveys and earn points, which can then be exchanged for cash! 

How much can you make from BRANDED SURVEYS? 

When calculating your earning from Branded Surveys, it’s important to note that 1 point earned on their site equals to 0.01 USD. You’ll need to reach 1000 points ($10) before you can make a withdrawal. You can also earn extra points if you get friends to sign up! 

Another point of interest is that the site sets up a leaderboard of sorts where you can attempt to outscore other participants – this encourages more participant activity. If you keep taking surveys, it is possible to make around $100 in a week. 

What do other money bloggers think of BRANDED SURVEYS? 

Householdmoneysaving.com published a review about Branded Surveys, stating that it is possible to make around $100 in a month, adding that it is a site “worth signing up for.” According to their review, there’s also quite a varied selection of vouchers for popular services such as iTunes, Amazon, and shops like Tesco and more.  

VYPR surveys for money


What is VYPR? 

“Opinions Rewarded” – if you want an easily accessible way to make a few bucks on the go, then you might want to check out VYPR. VYPR gives you the chance to earn cash-redeemable points in exchange for filling out surveys and giving feedback. 

We say easily accessible because you can use the service on your smartphone, anywhere and anytime. 

How do you register for VYPR? 

Since VYPR leans more towards a portable, use-anywhere experience, you’ll have to download their app on your smartphone. Fortunately it is available for both iOS and Android, so you can easily get it for free on the Google Playstore or iTunes. 

Signing up is free as well! Once the app is on your phone, you can easily start using the service.  

How much can you make from VYPR? 

Once you’ve set up your account and are signed into the service, you’ll be given  “steers” (which is what VYPR calls its tasks). One interesting feature to note is that sometimes Steers are reliant on your phone’s location – if you’re near certain restaurants or stores, then the steers are more likely to feature products and services from that business. 

Participating in these gives you with points, depending on the Steer. According to their website, reaching 10,000 VYPR points rewards you with £5 which is sent directly via PayPal. If you’re persistent enough, you can make an average of £20 a month or more. 

What do other money bloggers think of VYPR? 

In one of their reviews, ibeatdebt.com has stated that VYPR has become their “favourite quick survey app as it is simple and quick,” adding that “it’s definitely a great app to have on your device.” 

According to some user reviews, it can take a while to earn many points, but the ease of use of the service, and the fact that users can just drop in at anytime on their own leisure makes it worthwhile. 


What is ONEPULSE? 

If you’re thinking of making a few sideline bucks through online surveys, but would like to avoid lengthy questions, multiple pages of inquiries, then OnePulse is here for you. It’s an online survey which gives you rewards for your answers, but the great part is that you can take it with you anywhere via your smartphone – a convenient way to earn some extra cash! 

How do you register for ONEPULSE? 

You can head on over to www.onepulse.com and click the sign up button on their website to get started. Alternatively, you can download the app on your Apple or Android smartphone to start things up. It’s completely free of course, and the whole sign-up process is quite easy. 

How much can you make from ONEPULSE? 

OnePulse utilizes a level system for its users – that means when you start using the service, you’ll begin at level 1. You can earn 25 cents for paid pulses. Levels max out at Level 17 in which you can earn 41 cents per pulse. The threshold is around $5 (which of course converts into GBP), but if you grind enough you can earn more. 

What do other money bloggers think of ONEPULSE? 

OnePulse stands out due to its quick and simple nature. In their review of the site, katiesaves.com describes it as a clever little app, user friendly, with questions designed to be somewhat on the fun side and therefore don’t feel so tedious. Additionally, users don’t get screened out through surveys which makes it even better. 


What is YOUGOV? 

YouGov is particularly straightforward – you sign up for their site, answer polls on social issues, current events, trending news and political opinions. Data from these polls can be used for market research, as well as determining public views on certain topics. 

If you’re looking to share your views AND make a bit of money as well, then you might want to check out YouGov! 

How do you register for YOUGOV? 

It’s pretty easy – just head on over to www.yougov.co.uk, and click on the Log-In button to sign up. You’ll need to provide them with a working email address of course, but you can also use your Facebook account to sign in.  Once you’re signed on, you can also invite others to sign up for the site via referral links which will earn you some bonus points. 

How much can you make from YOUGOV? 

Since YouGov gives out points for finishing surveys, different surveys award you different amounts of points. Once you amass around 5000 points, they’ll award you with £50 that will be sent to your bank account. However, it might take some time for the money to reach your account. 

As with most review sites, a whole lot of patience and grind goes a long way, so it might take a while to hit that hundred-pound target – but it’s definitely possible! 

What do other money bloggers think of YOUGOV? 

Some users have commended YouGov for providing a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash. In their review of YouGov, lyliarose.com notes YouGov’s convenience, stating that it “doesn’t take much time and is easy to do in spare time” Knowing that you can share your opinion on various topics also adds to the fun aspect of the service. 


What is IPSOS I-SAY? 

IPSOS I-SAY is a survey site which is operated by IPSOS, one of the biggest and oldest market research corporations in the world, dating back to 1975. The website gives out surveys for participants to fill in, and in return reward you with points which can be redeemed through gift cards for top shopping sites like Amazon.  

How do you register for I-SAY? 

As with most survey sites, I-SAY is completely free! Simply go to www.social.i-say.com, click the sign-in button on their homepage and choose whether you want to use your email or Facebook account. The sign-up process doesn’t take long, and once you’re finished you can instantly begin participating in surveys. The website will also send you notifications if there are surveys available for you to take. 

How much can you make from I-SAY? 

You earn points from doing surveys on I-SAY. You can earn points for filling up qualifying questions for a survey, and earn more points for completing the survey itself. To give you a sense of how much, you’ll need 100 points for $1. Although you’ll have to have at least 500 points on your account to be able to redeem them. It is possible to reach higher numbers, as long as you take your time and do as many surveys as possible. And that’s all there is to it, honestly – surveys for rewards! Some users have claimed that it is possible to reach 20-25 pounds a month. 

What do other money bloggers think of I-SAY? 

Users of the site have commented that it is a little way to earn some extra cash along the way. A review from gatheringdreams.com says it will take time to earn a few bucks, and luck does play a factor into how often  you qualify for surveys – so we have to say that a bit of patience is needed. 



Pinecone Research is a website that offers participants the chance to earn some cash by taking part in surveys. Companies go through Pinecone to find out what the public thinks of current market trends and other relevant matters. 

If you feel that you’d like to make some extra money, try signing up for Pinecone Research as a participant! 

How do you register for PINECONE RESEARCH? 

Simply go to www.pineconeresearch.co.uk, and create an account through their homepage. Of course it’s completely free, and creating an account is quick and easy.  

Once you’re signed on, Pinecone Research will send you emails or notifications on which surveys you’re eligible to take. Once you complete surveys, you will be given points which can then be exchanged for cash or prizes. Pinecone also says that you may be invited to test products for feedback. 

How much can you make from PINECONE RESEARCH? 

Pinecone Research survey participants can make up to £3 per completed survey, and you can opt to receive the cash through Paypal. Of course it’s always possible to rake in a higher amount, provided that you’re willing to participate in multiple surveys. Patience pays! 

What do other money bloggers think of PINECONE RESEARCH? 

While some users have commented that it can take a while to earn your points, others have stated that the program works for them and they do get rewarded with points and prizes. Pinecone Research received good feedback in a review from katykicker.com, “I really enjoy the surveys on Pinecone Research, which pay newer members £3 per survey. I like that Paypal is available and I usually cashout once a month at least £15, sometimes more.” 

And there we have it! If you made it to the end, gold star for you. I hope you found these reviews helpful and you are successful in taking surveys for money online. Make sure you check out other similar blog posts from us such as The best apps for side hustles.

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