Ridesharing in Canada/America – Kangaride review

Ridesharing in Canada/America – Kangaride review

You may be aware that I am currently living in Canada. One thing I found surprising when I first got here was the price of public transport, but in hindsight, it’s not that surprising when you compare the size of the country to the UK! Keep reading to read our full Kangaride review.

Is ridesharing cheaper than public transport?

For our first Workaway in Canada, our destination was over 9 hours drive and I was struggling to find a way of getting there that wasn’t going to cost the earth. I was then recommended to check out Kangaride which is a ridesharing website, operating across Canada and the USA. Check out how you can get six months of Kangaride membership for free at the bottom of this post! I signed up straight away after seeing a ride which was perfect for taking us to our Workaway destination and was a lot cheaper than other options I had seen.

As a breakdown, a ride from Ottawa to Matane cost us $55 each (excluding booking fee) using Kangaride, whereas public transport would’ve cost us $173 each (Ottawa to Quebec City for $94 and then Quebec City to Matane for $79). A saving of over $100 per person!

Is Kangaride safe?

Our first ride using Kangaride went really smoothly and we found it a really social and eco-friendly way to travel. So far we have used it twice and we are already planning on using it for our return trip to Ottawa and future trips in Canada!

Kangaride cost breakdown

Before you sign up, you may browse the website and think the prices are amazing, but there are a membership and booking fee which I wasn’t aware of until I created my account. Basically, there is a $7.50 annual membership charge and booking fee of $5 per person per ride which go on top of the price you see quoted on the website. You can get booking credits for as low as $3.33 if you bulk buy them in the ‘my account’ section on the website.

Kangaride free membership deals

If you are a student you can get your first six months membership for free and for CAA/AAA it’s your first year with no charge. You can also get your first six months for free via a friend referral; comment your first name, last name and email on this post and I can refer you to get a six-month free trial! Note: this will only work if you have never used this service before.

Have you ever used a ridesharing website or app? How was your experience? Can you recommend any other cost-effective ways to travel in Canada or the USA? If you need a free Audiobook for a long journey, check out this post!

6 thoughts on “Ridesharing in Canada/America – Kangaride review

  1. thanks for sharing your tips about kangaride! I’ve never really heard of it until now and recently went from Montreal to Toronto via ViaRail Train. It was not cost economical but really wanted to see the countryside. I’ll definitely be trying Kangaride next time in Canada. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and I hope you have fun using Kangaride! Remember, if you would like to try a 6 month free membership trial, comment your first name, last name and email 🙂

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