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Priceline Express Deal Mystery Hotel Review

You have probably heard about the hotel websites which offer a ‘mystery’ deal; booking a hotel with a big discount and one big catch. You only know certain things about the hotel and don’t know the exact hotel name until after you have booked.

Booking a mystery hotel with Priceline

I have always wanted to try a mystery hotel booking but never had the chance until I was in Toronto last year. I left booking a hotel until the day before and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try Priceline’s ‘Express Deals’ feature. It is super simple and perfect if you are not really fussy about where you would like to stay. You can specify the amenities, neighbourhood and star rating you require and the rest is a mystery!

Source: Priceline.com

How much did we pay for a mystery hotel booking?

The mystery hotel we booked in Toronto for two nights cost $352.98 including all taxes and fees. Our hotel was revealed as the Marriott City Centre Hotel which is a 4 star hotel in a great location. We were even lucky enough to be staying there whilst the Toronto Blue Jays were playing and, as the hotel is located within the Rogers Centre, you can watch them play from the lobby and some of the rooms!

How much did we save using Priceline?

I’m always quite sceptical of when things are advertised as a huge saving such as Priceline offering a discount of up to 60%, does anyone actually ever pay the full price? After the hotel reveal, I decided to price check the booking has I gone directly through the Marriott website. I was shocked to see that the exact same booking would’ve cost $692.12 had I booked through them. So I did actually save a huge amount, 49% to be exact!

Would I recommend booking a mystery hotel?

Yes! I loved the excitement about not knowing which hotel I would be staying in. I have only used it once but my experience was great and I will definitely be trying it again when I have the chance.

My sister Frances usually writes the savvy travelling posts but today it was my turn! Check out her travelling posts such as Ridesharing in Canada, Couples ski season chalet hosting advice and tips and cheap travelling through a working holiday. Can you recommend any savvy travelling tips such as booking mystery hotels to save money?

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