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Newmarket Library – A Free Community Hub

I don’t often post about local events/spaces, however, after visiting Newmarket Library I needed to share my experience. I took Edward who is now 6 months into the library to choose some books and was blown away by the friendly staff and the incredible offerings. 

Why do we need to use Newmarket Library?

Newmarket library children's area

Over the last year, spending on libraries by local authorities fell by £30m to £741m. There was a loss of 127 public libraries in England, Wales and Scotland. This resulted in 712 full-time employees losing their jobs. On a more positive note, volunteer number increased by 3,000, to 51,394.

There is a great article on Bustle.com – 7 Reasons Libraries Are Essential, Now More Than Ever. This really summarises why we need to save our libraries in the UK.

1.         They offer free educational resources to everyone.

2.         Libraries are safe refuges for the homeless and underserved populations.

3.         They help boost local economies.

4.         They play an important role in English language learning.

5.         Libraries make communities healthier.

6.         They preserve history, and more importantly, truth.

7.         Libraries help connect communities.

My visit to Newmarket Library

I was welcomed by friendly members of staff who set Edward up his own library card. While this was happening I was given an update into borrowing policies. Edward can borrow up to 20 of his own books.

The children’s area was spacious, colourful and packed full of books, CD’s and DVD’s for children of all ages. I let Edward crawl around pulling out books (he likes to choose things for himself!).

There are also a lot of leaflets and posters around the library. Letting you know what is going on locally and how to can get involved in the community. One of the most exciting things for me is the Suffolk Library’s coding academy. Children can access online coding lessons. Borrow a micro:bit and even attend a coding lesson in person for free!

What is on at Newmarket Library?

There are groups for all ages at Newmarket Library, you can find an up to date list of groups on their Facebook Page

Here is a summary of all the current groups available:

Baby Bounce – Soothing songs and gentle nursery rhymes for babies up to 18 months – Tuesday

Tot Rock – Songs and rhymes for toddlers 18 months – pre-school

Sharing Time – Stories, songs and crafts for children with carers

Top Time – Events and activities aimed at older people

Open Space – Drop in for free health information and chats

Craft Activities – Suitable for primary school children

Story Time – 3+

Polish Story Time and Rhyme – For babies and toddlers

Family Playtime – for Children 0-5

Code Club – Learn to code for children 9+

Shared Reading – Bring people together through shared literature, listen to stories and poems

Why is reading to our Children important?

newmarket library reading to children is important

There are numerous studies that have shown benefits to reading to children. Studies have shown that;

Infants aged 1-3 are less likely to be disruptive or hyperactive when they’re read to regularly.

Parents that read to their toddlers are less likely to exhibit harsh behaviour toward their children.

Regular reading provides not only “academic but emotional benefits that can help bolster the child’s success in school and beyond.”

There is also nothing better than snuggling your little one, in a dimly lit room, reading a bedtime story.

The Savvy Sisters Verdict

I had a fantastic trip to the library and will be returning to try baby bounce and borrow more books. If you haven’t popped in to the library in a while I would highly recommend you pop in, they are open every day apart from Monday.

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