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We love the community we have built up on Instagram. So much so that we love to feature our favourite accounts on our blog. This time is it the turn of the account Savingforahouse58 who we have been following for a while. She has just hit 1,000 followers so a huge congratulations to her! We hope you like reading about her money journey as much as we did.

Hello there! I’m the person behind Savingforahouse58 on Instagram. I am trying to keep this account anonymous so I won’t disclose my name! I’m 30 in March and I always had those goals of ‘I want to be married with a nice house and kids before I’m 30’ but that’s goal wasn’t reached. I’ve got the man, I’ve got the child but I’m not married nor do I have the house we both so desperately want. 

Back in April, my partner and I made the decision to move into his mums house along with our 10 year old daughter to be able to start saving for a deposit for a mortgage. We were private renting and our landlord gave us a choice of either moving out or upping our rent by £85 per month as he wanted to sell up and what we were paying wouldn’t have been encouraging to a prospective buyer.

Rather than going into another private rented home and the possibility of this happening again, we rented ourselves a storage unit and packed up our things and here we are today. We didn’t start our savings or debt payments until July/August 2019 as we had a holiday abroad and childcare for the summer holidays to save for. This meant we had time to properly sit down and work our a logical plan to get us to where we wanted to be. 

When we moved in we started with almost £14,000 worth of debt between us and an aim to save £15,000 for a deposit. 

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with money (are you good at saving, do you like the splash the cash?) 

My relationship with money hasn’t always been the best. Money used to burn a hole in my pocket, as soon as I had it, I wanted to spend it and usually on the most unnecessary things. I probably could have had my house deposit 5-10 years ago if I had have been more sensible! 

I have made so many changes in my life and so has my partner to get to the place we are today. We both quit smoking cigarettes and went onto a vape; we were spending around £600 a month on cigarettes between us and we have got that down to £50-60 for vape products monthly. Eventually, we do aim to quit vaping too but that’ll come when we are ready. 

It doesn’t take masses amounts of effort to make changes in your relationship with money. You just need to have the lightbulb moment of ‘what am I doing? Can I even afford the lifestyle I’m currently choosing to lead?’ 

What is the best money saving advice you have been given?

My Nan is my role model. She always gives the best money saving advice. The best advice she has given is to write down all your outgoings and income and that will tell you where you are going wrong. 

Seeing what money you have left over at the end of the month can be a massive lightbulb moment. See where you can save money, if it’s on your food shopping, then shop around. Change your spending habits. Meal plan, reduce your direct debits by switching to cheaper plans or companies. Cancel subscriptions you no longer use or need, look into your debts and switching to 0% credit cards. 

Everything should be written down. Every last penny for you to see where you can save and make the sacrifices to achieve your goal. She’s taught me not to live above my means. If I can’t pay cash for it, I shouldn’t have it! It’s such a good way to think and when I’ve said ‘but if my washing machine breaks down and I have no money what do I do?’ And she said well why have you not got an emergency fund for those things? You’ll have to wash by hand instead until you have saved for it. 

What helped you make changes to how you see money?

My age was a massive factor. When people tell you ‘you are only young, enjoy your life you have plenty of time’ is something I hate to hear. My 10 year old daughter’s life seems to be speeding by me. I want her to have the best future possible, I want her to see me as a brilliant role model so that when she gets to working age, she decides to take a better path than me and saves some of her wages each month and doesn’t waste it on things she doesn’t need. 

I also want to own my own home. Have something to leave my children one day. Spending around 2 years living with my mother in law will be difficult as we don’t have our own space but it will be so worth it in the long run. I want to take my family on holidays abroad, travel to places I have always wanted to go but to do that, I need to have the best relationship with my money possible. Life is so short and the only person to make those dreams come true is you. You can not rely on winning the lottery or coming into a large sum of money. 

When did you start trying to make extra money on top of your monthly wage?

I used to side hustle years ago when I was out of work. I was an active member on the MSE forums and part of a lovely group where we would share our successes and all the websites where we could earn money from. As I said before, we need to save £15,000 for our deposit and pay off the £14,000 in debts. I approached the subject with my partner and said that we should definitely do more to earn extra to achieve our goal quicker! So I told him about what I used to do and I showed him some ways we could earn.

I started by going back to MSE (MoneySavingExpert) and reading through some of the money saving ideas and that’s when I stumbled across Instagram and all the amazing people in the #debtfreecommunity that tell you all about the amazing apps and websites available to start your side hustle, a few websites were still going from my previous side hustling days and I still have points/money available on them! 

My partner now loves to side hustle too. We both become rather competitive and want to get to cash out before each other. It’s fun and something we both enjoy doing in our spare time. To date, we have paid off £5,000 in debt and saved £2,500 in 5 months. This would never have been possible without side hustling! 

What are the best apps you use for side hustles? 

I could be here all day! There’s so many different apps that you can download to start making extra cash. I earn most of my money on betting sites. I sign up to websites to take advantage of new user offers where they have a ‘free spins no deposit offer’ so I don’t use any of my own money. Additionally, I play the daily free games on William Hill and Sky Vegas. When it comes to my money making apps, I’ll give you a break down of my top 10 apps in no particular order. (I have included some of my  referral codes that can earn you extra when you sign up, and be sure to make sure you tell your friends and family your own referral codes when you sign up. You can earn extra this way):

1# Airtimerewards 

App that helps you pay towards your phone bill. Download the app (use referral code 9JCYFJY3) and add your bank cards/credit cards and cards you spend on in shops regularly. Add your phone contract info (mine was just my mobile number) and they do the rest. Airtimerewards are affiliated with certain shops that when you spend instore, you get cashback from your purchase. Currently you get cashback with primark, boots, wilko, Argos, Waitrose and many more. It’s the simplest app as you don’t need to do anything. 

#2 Shoppix

For this and the next few apps, you need to keep all receipts you get from shops. Ask for a receipt if they don’t give you one as it can earn you points towards cash out. Shoppix is an app where you earn points by taking photos of receipts and uploading them to the app. They often have surveys too to give you points and you can cash out with PayPal, Amazon, Love2Shop or iTunes. 

#3 HUYU 

Another receipt app, can only upload 10 per 7 days. This one could take up to 10 weeks to cash out but it all adds up if you are already scanning receipts into other apps anyway. 

#4 Snapmyeats

Probably my favourite receipt app! Earn at least £5 amazon vouchers per month with this app just by snapping 15 receipts with a chance to win £100 every month the more receipts you add.


This app is just incredible. Helps you pay towards bills (phone bill, council tax, gas electric) by uploading receipts. It gives you 1% of the amount on the receipt. So if you spent £100 in Sainsbury’s, you’ll get £1 back with zipzero. Save it up to over £10 you can send it off to whatever bill you wish. I use mine for my phone bill alongside airtimerewards and I barely pay anything towards my phone bill each month now. 

Some of these apps may not be physical cash in your pocket but the money you don’t spend out on your bills or saving up amazon vouchers to buy gifts is more money you aren’t paying out from your income. So make sure to save it. 


Mini surveys (take 10 seconds) pop up on this app frequently throughout the day. Cash out at 10,000 points to earn a £5 sent to your PayPal account. 


An app where you get paid pulses for answering mini survey questions. Turn notifications on for this app. It pays instantly into your PayPal account in dollars when you reach $5. I cash out on this app at lest once a fortnight and it’s so easy!

#8 Swagbucks 

Probably my favourite app. I’ve earnt over £400 with Swagbucks! I usually cash out with PayPal but I’m opting for amazon vouchers at the moment to save for Xmas 2020. There’s so many different ways to earn with Swagbucks! Surveys are the best way but there’s offers you can take advantage of, earn SB when you buy online (like cashback apps) etc. Sign up using my referral code here!

#9 Pollpass

I love this website. I added it as a home screen bookmark as it isn’t an app yet but you are answering questions in a text message type of format. It’s fun and quick and you can earn cash from this really quickly when there’s lots of questions online. 

#10 Prolific

Any sidehustler will tell you that prolific is the best survey app going. You earn high amounts from this app and I can cash out around £10-20 a month if I push myself to.   Again this isn’t an app, it’s a website but you can add to your phones home screen. 

There’s so many more apps like citizenme, zap surveys, curiouscat and many more that I often mention in stories or posts on my Instagram page. 

What is the most money you have made from side hustles per month?

The most we’ve earnt is around £450. That is with selling things on eBay too as that can be a huge chunk of your side hustle funds. What you think of as junk can be treasure to someone else so get listing your unwanted items on eBay! We could make more but as we both work full time, we don’t want our evenings or spare time to be spent staring at a screen so we tend to make sure we are having quality family time too. 

What’s your biggest money failure? 

Takeaways… sometimes we are just so exhausted from our jobs that we don’t want to cook so we will order in. It’s so expensive and so unnecessary but at the time it’s what we want to do. We do this maybe twice a month but that money shouldn’t have gone out of our accounts so we then struggle somewhere else as we always make all our money accountable somewhere. 

Are you planning on seeing a mortgage advisor when you purchase a home?

Definitely. Once we are debt free, I will be making an appointment with a mortgage advisor so we can see where we need to be and what kind of mortgage we will be able to afford. I have done some research on mortgage affordability but the interest rates fluctuate too often to know what it’ll be like when we are ready so getting advice from the experts all always the safest option. We can then maximise our savings as currently we are paying out over £1000 per month on debts to get them cleared. 

What are your money goals for 2020?

Become debt free and improve our credit scores. I have massive faith in us that we can achieve this and I can’t wait to see the day where we have all of our wages to play with and not sending it off to debt! 

There you have it guys! Such a great blog post from Savingforahouse58. Make sure you follow us and her on Instagram if you don’t already! And make sure you check out our other posts featuring lovely ladies we have met through Instagram including Bargain Hunting Inspiration with What Lauren Found and eBay Reselling Inspiration Jen Reseller. Please let us know your favourite Instagram accounts in the comments, we love finding new inspirational accounts to follow!

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