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Macrame / hand made gifts / money saving presents

Another way you can be savvy and save money is to get creative and make items to sell on or even just to give as hand made gifts. I find that a handmade present is always well received and often much cheaper than splashing out in stores. Also, if you find a craft you really love, you could turn it into a money making entity!

How did I start making hand made gifts?

Whilst I was living and working in France, I wanted to take up a new hobby that wasn’t expensive as we didn’t earn a lot of money. A local hardware shop sold string quite cheap and I decided to buy some and give macrame a go. After searching on YouTube for basics videos, I found the following video from Chelsea Sadler which was so simple to follow and taught me all the basics to do my first piece.  

My first couple of pieces weren’t great as I was scared of pulling the knots too tight but after a few hours of practise I started to see my improvements and decided to make some pieces to give to loved ones as gifts. I looked on Pinterest and decided to make plant hangers as I love giving plants as gifts. I came across the following YouTube video and decided to purchase material from Wool and the Gang as it is unused t-shirt material which was stopped from going into landfill, another nice touch for a handmade present. Wool and the Gang often have discount codes so make sure to check VoucherCloud before you purchase!  

Watch a hand made gift tutorial

One roll of Jersey be good fabric was enough to make three plant hangers, combined with the cost of a packet of curtain rings and a potted plant which I bought in the clearance, each piece cost me roughly £10 to make. Personally I think that is a great price for a homemade present which friends and family will display in their homes and cherish for a long time. To increase practicality, you could gift a persons favourite herb plant in a macrame plant hanger that they can hang in the kitchen and use the herbs whilst cooking!

I then went on to make a huge macrame decorative hanging for my wedding and then was asked by a friend to make a pair of chair covers for their wedding! I’m not the craftiest person in the world and I have gone from teaching myself a few knots from YouTube to creating bespoke pieces for a friends wedding, if that doesn’t inspire you to give a new hobby a go I don’t know what will!

Have you ever tried macrame or learnt a new hobby from YouTube? Have you ever made presents by hand for friends and family? Let us know! Want to listen to an audiobook while starting your first macrame? Check out our post on how to listen to them for free!

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