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Lylia Rose – Mums Talking Money Series

Welcome to our new section of the website ‘talking money’. This is where we will host our mums talking money series. We will start by talking to mums who run blogs amongst their busy lives. We will deep dive into their thoughts about money, top tips and biggest money successes and failures.

I would like to introduce Victoria who runs a fantastic group of websites! Let’s dive into our talking money series!

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Please introduce yourself and your family

Hi, I’m Victoria Sully, a full-time blogger at Lylia Rose, Healthy Vix and Travel Vixta from Gloucestershire, UK.  I live with my husband Ben and our two children Bella age 7 years and Reuben age 4 years.

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with money

I’m trying my hardest to be more of a saver!  I used to be a big spender and even suffered from a shopping addiction in my teens which got out of control.  It landed me in debt crisis before I even hit my 20s. 

Now, in my 30s, I am obsessed with tracking our incomings and outgoings on a daily basis.  I put money aside into savings every month and we’ve even managed to save a substantial emergency fund.  We’re not without debt though, but it’s manageable.  We have two low-interest loans with affordable monthly payments, so even though we have debt, it feels more responsible and was also for investment purposes for home improvements.  We are aiming to pay these back early and overpay next year.  It’s just been tricky as we have been doing up an old house for a few years which swallows the rest of our disposable income most months!

Do you have any money-saving tips?

Oh, so many!  I even have a page on my website with over 140 money-saving blog posts with so many ideas at https://www.lyliarose.com/save-money.html

My favourite money-saving tip is to use cashback websites and apps including receipt scanning apps.  My favourite cashback website is Top Cashback and we have got over £1200 back on our household shopping, insurance, holidays and other bookings in three years. 

I also make as much money back as possible from our receipts by scanning each one into 5 different receipt scanning apps!  These are SnapMyEats, Huyu, Shoppix, Receipt Hog and ZIPZERO. 

I love to make and save as much money as possible and writing about it on my blog has even become a full-time job for me!

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Did your attitude to money change after you welcomed your little one?

Absolutely!  Suddenly I had this overwhelming desire to be more financially responsible and secure.  I don’t want my children to make the same debt mistakes as me, even though I did learn a lot from it, and I want to teach them how to manage their money.  I can only do this if I lead by example so I had to get better with money myself once I had children.

What is the best money-saving blog post on your website?

This is a goody as it goes into great detail about how we saved as much as possible over six months to reach our £10,000 savings goal:

How we saved £6500 in 6 months to reach our £10k emergency fund savings goal

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Who do you go to for money advice?

Pretty much myself and my husband!  I think most of us know how to manage money really, but we are too tempted by spending or the prices of things we want are too high.

I also read blog posts by money bloggers if they catch my eye and they can be a great way to see things from another perspective or to come up with a simple solution you might not have thought about.

I don’t actively seek advice from money blogs, but I read quite a few so it probably influences my own decisions even without me realising.

Do you have a money-related question that you would like answered?

How much money do I need for retirement is always a good question!  It’s also so hard to answer as we have no clue how long we will live and when we will need to retire.  Retirement could last 5 years, 10 years or even 40 years.  I always find it tricky to know how much to save because of the great unknown, but aim to save as much as possible just in case I live a long time!

Mums Talking Money – What’s your biggest money failure?

Getting into debt crisis before I was 20.  Pretty much the whole story can be found at https://www.lyliarose.com/debt.html, but I basically got into unmanageable personal debt through irresponsible spending, poor money management and a shopping addiction.  Oh and stupidity!  I ended up on a debt management plan and paid every penny of £17500 back over five years.  It left me skint every month and I had to learn to budget as I wasn’t even allowed a debit card at that point, only a cash machine card with no credit facilities!

What is your biggest money success?

I have a few.  Paying all my debt back after being in debt crisis.  Being able to get a mortgage as I never thought I’d be able to when I was in the depths of debt.  Being super strict and saving a £10,000 emergency fund.


If you have a mortgage did you see a mortgage advisor?

Yes, kind of.  For our first mortgage, we simply went to our bank and set up a mortgage without advice.  However, when the fixed-rate term was up we re-mortgaged with a mortgage adviser purely because I thought we had to.  I didn’t realise we could complete the process ourselves and used a friend’s recommendation for their mortgage adviser.  I’d actually already done a lot of research and he even commented that I’d made his job a lot easier as I’d researched everything already.  It was frustrating as his communication during the application was poor and it took weeks longer to process than we thought.  We also had to pay him a fee.  I think next time we’ll just try and do it ourselves and save the fee!  I even wrote about my experience here Why I won’t use a mortgage adviser again

What one piece of money advice would you like to share with other mums?

Budget, budget, budget!  Make sure you know exactly what you have coming in and out and budget weekly for food and activities.  Be strict with your budget so you don’t need to get into debt.  Use online banking apps to check your bank balances quickly each day to make sure you’re on track.  Treat your savings like a bill payment each month and pop whatever you can reasonably afford into a savings account for emergencies.

What one piece of money advice would you like to share with your children?

Start saving as soon as you start earning!  Save, save, save!  I hope to teach my children how to budget their income and the importance of saving for emergencies, retirement and for big purchases so they don’t have to borrow money.

What is your dream family holiday?

An African safari!  I’d love to stay in the Treetops hotel where the animals roam underneath!  It will be an amazing experience as a family when the children are older and I totally plan on making this once-in-a-lifetime trip a reality!

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Where can we follow you?

Please find me blogging at my blogs:

Money – www.lyliarose.com

Healthy – www.healthyvix.com

Travel – www.travelvixta.com

I’m also at:




Would you like to take part in our mums talking money series? If so drop us in email – info@thesavvysisters.com we look forward to hearing from you!

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