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Welcome to our new section of the website ‘talking money’. This is where we will host our mums talking money series. We will start by talking to mums who run blogs amongst their busy lives. We will deep dive into their thoughts about money, top tips and biggest money successes and failures.

I would like to introduce you to Charlotte who runs the fantastic lookingafteryourpennies.com. Looking After Your Pennies is an eco-friendly personal finance blog, we highly recommend you head over to the site and sign up to their newsletter. Let’s dive into our talking money series!

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Please introduce yourself and your family

Hello!  I’m Charlotte and I blog at lookingafteryourpennies.com  My family is comprised of me, my husband and our two girls, who are aged 4 and 2 years old. 

Generally, we are an outdoorsy bunch.  We prefer to be outside rather than in.  My kids generally look filthy, but it is good dirt I promise.

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with money

I love saving money!  To the point where I probably save too much money and don’t treat myself enough.

That said when we have saved enough money, we go big on the cash splashing.  Right now, we are travelling around the world all thanks to our savings.

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Do you have any money-saving tips?

Yes!  Having goals is so motivational.  Set yourself some small ones, like £2 a week for 3 months.  Know what you will do with that money once you have it.

After that, you can work on something bigger for longer.  Plus, I find it really helps to physically see the money.  Try putting it in a jar next to your bed so you see it when you wake up in the morning.

Did your attitude to money change after you welcomed your little one?

Yes and no!  I think I always knew that money would be tight after having kids and had planned for that accordingly.

What I didn’t expect was that I found living on less money quite easy, even more enjoyable, and it inspired me to work less.

Ultimately, I realised that life can be lived on a small budget, but if you are working all the time then you’re not really living it.

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What is the best money-saving blog post on your website?

Oh!  There are so many good ones.  Things you buy every week that I don’t is an oldie but a goldie. 

I wrote it way back when I first started my blog, but I still think it is full of great ways to save money.  But you can check out my whole saving money section for more ideas.

Who do you go to for money advice?

I don’t know really.  I  get a lot of good ideas from other money bloggers who help me make and save money.  But with individual money advice, I usually do my own research and come to my own conclusions.

My husband normally gets a say eventually.  But by that point, I’ve normally decided, and I am just looking for his agreement.

Do you have a money-related question that you would like answered?

I’m very interested in how people save and invest for their children.  I know that starting early is key, but how much and what to do with it.

What’s your biggest money failure?

I don’t know really.  When I was at uni, I lived in my free overdraft.  One day my parents saw a bank statement that showed me as overdrawn.  They went wild at me.

Sensibly, I had been putting money away in a high-interest savings account and could have paid off the overdraft at any point.  It would have saved me the earful I got from my mum.

What is your biggest money success?

I have developed some great habits with money.  I can live off very little and am confident enough to explore new ways of making money.

These two things but together mean that I don’t often have to worry about money.  It is a real privilege.

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If you have a mortgage did you see a mortgage advisor?

Yes, but I didn’t agree with him so I went solo.  That is the sort of thing I do.  It worked out well for us in the end.  We got a great rate and made the right decision for us at the time.

What one piece of money advice would you like to share with other mums?

Your kids don’t need much stuff.  I thought this before we set of travelling and now I believe it even more.

You can spend a fortune believing that your kids need clothes, toys, mega-expensive trips out, but in reality, they don’t.  They like splashing in puddles and ruining those fancy clothes, so don’t waste your money.

What one piece of money advice would you like to share with your children?

Save half.  This is my general philosophy, if I can live on half of everything I get then I’ve got twice as long before I need more money.

Once they’ve figured that out, then I will tell them to invest.  Compound interest and all that.

What is your dream family holiday?

I think I am on it!  A year off to explore the world.  We are hunting down some great beaches and chasing summer around the globe.

Charlotte! What can we say! We are absolutely blown away with Lookingafteryourpennies.com and how you have managed to save enough to enjoy a year off! I hope this interview and your blog really inspires more people to have the confidence to live on less and take the leap to enjoy time off!

Be sure to follow Charlotte on all the channels below!

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