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Job Spotter App Review

Imagine I could tell you a way to earn back your lunch money during breaks, or while you go taking a walk, exploring the city, even better, while you are out shopping…..Yes! With Job Spotter, you can do that.

So how does it work?

Job Spotter App

What is Job Spotter?

Job Spotter an app by Indeed that enables you to earn money by merely taking pictures of job vacancies and hiring signs. Using Job Spotter App is so easy that practically anyone can make use of it and start earning in a few minutes.

The idea behind it is straightforward – while you’re out and about, you can take photos of any job vacancy or hiring signs you see and submit them via the app.

There are thousands of businesses out there looking to hire people, but the vast majority of them do not post their job openings online. Instead, they might stick a “Help Wanted” sign on their window. The problem with this method of hiring is that not all that many people may see the hiring sign since only people that happen to be walking by will know about the job opening.

That’s where the Job Spotter app comes into play. The creators of Job Spotter figured that since so many people are walking around, it could essentially crowd-source hiring information and put it up on its site. Now, instead of just a small handful of people seeing the hiring sign, anyone searching on Indeed can find it.

Indeed can then add the jobs to their database. Payment is awarded for every approved submission, based on a sliding scale.

Job Spotter App how it works

Getting Started With Job Spotter:

Getting started on Job Spotter is very easy.

  • You can browse through the Job Spotter tutorial, which consists of four tips on how to ensure you get paid:
  • Take a close-up photo of a ‘help wanted’ sign so that it is legible

Note that you should picture of the outside of the shop so that the company name is visible

Make sure you don’t include any people in either photograph

Don’t take photos from inside your car.

Also, enable location services on your phone to use Job Spotter successfully. That’s because the app uses your location data in conjunction with the photos you submit to pinpoint the business with the vacancy.


It is easy for anyone to start and earn credit quickly! Once you find the signs, you can take and submit the pics in under 10 seconds.

It gets you out and about, exploring different walking routes and parts of your local area.

The app doesn’t appear to use excessive mobile internet data.

Using the app feels game-like, kind of like a scavenger hunt or a more useful Pokemon Go! (Is that still a thing?)

You can combine using Job Spotter with outdoor exercises, such as achieving your step goals each day. Read my other post on apps that will pay you for your steps!

Having an interest in improving my general photography skills, using the Job Spotter app has made me more comfortable in physically moving in closer for pictures (rather than lazily relying on zoom all the time)!


Making use of the app a lot can drain your phone’s battery quickly, so it’s worth carrying an external battery pack if you plan on going for a long sign-hunting session.

The frequent stopping to take pics could get annoying for those you are walking with! It’s a good idea to do this on your own or with a patient friend or family member.

Having business owners or passing strangers see you taking pics can feel awkward at first, but I quickly got over this when I saw the credit start to roll in!

Job Spotter Tips

Visiting clusters of independently-owned businesses can quickly make bank; eg. Little Italy, Chinatown and other restaurant precincts.

Shopping malls are useful to find a bunch of signs in a small area, though photos of signs at larger chain stores typically receive lower points.

When in doubt of a sign’s eligibility, submit it anyway. Even if you can’t read them, having those signs listed online will help those relevant job seekers.

Once you get an eye for it, you can quickly spot signs even across the street and be able to assess how valuable that sign will likely be in points – then you can decide whether it’s worth your time to cross the road for the pic!

If you notice your pictures have been attributed to the incorrect store, there is a quick one-click ‘Wrong Business’ button which flags your submission for review.

What do the Savvy Sisters Think?

No Brainer! To be able to walk around town and make money just taking a few photos, why wouldn’t you do it? Not only are you making cash, but you are also getting job vacancies out there, helping people find jobs! Download this app today and get taking pictures!

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    1. Hi Emily, You can get up to a £1 a job for small independent chains, less for larger stores. I have one Instagram follow who has made £1000 from this app! Remember you can take a picture every week, so be sure to go back and take pictures of the same sign if it’s still up a week later!

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