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Items to invest in for running an eBay business

There are a few relatively inexpensive items we invested in that we found really useful for running an eBay business. We believe in the long run will save us time and money.

Buy a Printer

The first investment was a printer. I’m not sure about you but I don’t know anyone that owns a printer at home anymore! Having your own printer for eBay is amazing because you can print your own postage labels and through eBay Shutl and get favourable rates. The printer we invested in was such good value and can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth so there is no complicated set up. Check out the printer we bought here.

Invest in a Clothes Steamer

Second was a clothes steamer. In order to make items of clothing we bought look their best in eBay images and so they were presented nicely when they were delivered to a purchaser, we bought a hand steamer because they are so much quicker and easier to use than an iron. When buying clothes from charity shops they can sometimes be a little scruffy, or they can just get creased when you bring them home in a bag so a quick once over with a hand steamer and they look as good as new. Check out the hand steamer we bought here.

Research Portable Chargers

Next, a portable charger. Now I didn’t specifically buy this for our eBay business, but if I didn’t already have one I would’ve invested. Unless you have a phone with an amazing battery life, I would suggest doing the same. The amount you use your phone whilst looking through the shops to search brands and previous sold prices on eBay can drain the batter quickly. The charger I bought can charge my phone fully up to 7 times, check it out here.

Running an eBay business – Stock up on Postage Bags

Finally, some postage bags. We thought it was important that the items we sold on eBay were presented well and looked professional when they arrived on a customers doorstep. With a good first impression, a customer is more likely to give you good feedback, which I think is really important when trying to build up a successful eBay profile. Postage bags are really cheap to bulk buy, see here, or if you want to pick some up from the shops you can buy packs from Poundland.   

In theory, you could resell on eBay with zero investment. You just need to buy the stock you want to sell. This is one of the reasons why we got into it. Although, if you are trying to resell on a larger scale I think these items will make your life a lot easier and won’t break the bank, you could buy them all with the profit from one decent find!

Do you have any items you swear by for selling on eBay or Amazon? Do you have any tips for budding re-sellers to share? Let us know!

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