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How to save money with a conscience this Black Friday

As Black Friday draws nearer, shopping is on everyone’s mind, as we scramble to discern the best deals from the dizzying mass of offers and sales. Now more than ever, this shopping frenzy is underpinned by environmental concerns, as shoppers develop a growing desire for sustainability. 

Trying to be eco-friendly while also navigating the intense sprint of black Friday into Cyber Monday, with Christmas right around the corner can seem like a herculean task! Luckily for you, there are plenty of companies who are trying a more eco-conscious approach and can help you budget, without feeling guilty.

Save money, save the planet

One of the best ways to buy cheap is to simply buy second hand or refurbished products. It’s an obvious solution, but it makes sense. Until recently, shopping ethically was a niche concept, but now sustainability and frugal living are on everyone’s minds. It’s more important than ever to look out for options that help transform Black Friday into a more sustainable event.

zero waste Christmas markets

Zero waste goods are trying an innovative approach by hosting markets across the UK that feature ethical options for this busy period. Here, they feature high quality, plastic-free goods that centre ecological concerns in a seasonal shopping format. It’s a great choice for those looking to find sustainable gifts.
In a similar vein, giffgaff are launching their take the pledge campaign. Encouraging people to only purchase refurbished or second-hand products for the end of the year. Alongside this, they’re launching a pop-up where, curiously, they won’t take any of your money, instead of asking attendees to take this pledge. In return, they’re offering a chance to win a range of planet-friendly products such as a refurbished bike or games console, which might make a fantastic gift for you or a lucky loved one.

I pledge to choose refurbished

And if pop-ups aren’t really your style, refurbished tech is an excellent option for those looking to find great gifts on a budget. Giffgaff have some choice savings on refurbished phones. Even Apple themselves offer big discounts on their refurbished products. For your gaming needs, GAME offers secondhand games and consoles at a great price.

Dress sharp, do your part

Some of the biggest, most prominent deals focus on expanding your wardrobe and looking your best for the winter season. Nothing complements the icy chill like a fresh fit as they say. Unfortunately, especially for fast fashion, the shadow of its dire environmental impact hangs heavy over the industry.

However, there’s no need to fret as shopping secondhand is a great way to find high quality, secondhand goods that won’t contribute to any more waste. eBay is a great place to start looking for new pieces, due to the absolute scale of its range. For the more discerning shoppers, online stores such as Depop, Grailed and Asos Marketplace boasts some fantastic hidden gems. 

From tech to clothes, what about you? Have you ever considered going refurbished or discovered exciting, sustainable ways to shop? Let us know below or continue the conversation on our social channels.

This post was written by Daniel Teasdale who has a strong interest in sustainable living and happily took the pledge for only buying refurbished for the rest of the year. 

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