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How to prepare for a day of eBay stock hunting

How to prepare for a day of eBay stock hunting. You may think that this blog post is completely irrelevant, of course you have shopped for a whole day before! What could you possibly need to know about shopping for reselling. How does it differ from a usual payday splurge? Here are our top tips on how to prepare for a full day of eBay stock hunting… happy shopping!

Charge your phone

When we are looking for stock we are constantly on our phones looking for similar items on eBay and using the sold items function, searching brands we haven’t heard of before etc. My phone’s battery isn’t the best and can be drained in a couple of hours so I always make sure I have my trusty portable charger with me. I have the a charger from Juice and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made! Find it here.

Pack food and drink for eBay stock hunting

It’s always good to go prepared for a day of shopping. Also, you need to bear in mind that you are shopping for business and not to get carried away by going out for lunch (we did this a couple of times, ooops!). Take food, water and reusable shopping bags with you. Make sure to wear comfy clothes and shoes too, you can rack up some serious steps when shopping for a whole day!

Research where to park

If you are planning on shopping in the same town/city for the whole day you will need to consider parking. Some city centre car parks near us have a day rate of over £25! You may know where free parking is near your chosen shopping destination or you can look up where there is free parking on Parkopedia. Other options for saving on full day parking include Park & Ride or getting dropped off and picked up by a loved one!

Plan a route

If you are planning on tackling a city you will need to plan which streets/areas the charity shops are on and how far different areas are from each other and if they are a walkable distance. You don’t want to end up walking miles with heavy bags or having to get a taxi back because you are too tired. Or, you may not like the idea of staying in one place all day. You could plan a route to hit up several charity shop hotspots all in one day, maybe making the most of free parking allowances in different towns. You will soon learn which charity shops you like and the towns and cities that have the kind of stock you would like to buy.

Don’t get downhearted

I know it’s hard when you have invested your time and don’t think you have found any great items to resell but there will always be days which aren’t as successful. Also, if you have allocated a whole day, use it! One of our most profitable items so far was in the very last shop we visited after I had begged Rachel to go home as I was getting fed up – a limited edition Adidas tracksuit we bought for £10 sold for £160.

Do you have any tips to share for a full day of stock hunting? Where are your favourite places to look for second hand bargains? 

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