how to become a reseller

How to Become a Reseller

Are you thinking about becoming a reseller? Myself and my sister started thinking about this about a year ago. Fast forward a year we have a successful eBay reselling business that we manage on top of our full-time jobs. We wanted to share the tops things you should think about if you are seriously considering becoming a reseller. So read on…. How to become a reseller

Do you have the time to become a reseller?

Reselling takes time. You need time to search for stock, research selling prices. Clean, iron and take pictures of the items. List these on eBay. You then have to wait for the items to sell. When the sales come in you then need to package and take the items to the post office. Ask yourself;

Do you have time to do this?

do you have the time to become a reseller?

Do you have the cash available to invest?

You can start a reselling business without any investment by starting with items you already own. However, if you want to start quickly you will need to invest some money to build up a stockpile. We started the business with £100, money we could afford to not have if the items didn’t sell. Ask yourself;

Can you live without this investment money if you don’t get it back?

do you have the cash to invest to become a reseller?

Do you have the room to store reselling stock?

This is something we didn’t consider when we first started out. Luckily I have a spare room we use. We mostly sell clothes and books, these items can be bulky and can easily start to take up a lot of room in your house. Ask yourself;

Do you have room in your house to store a large number of items?

If you don’t have much room, it doesn’t mean you can’t start reselling, you just need to be creative and organised. Do you have room under beds you can store items? Think a little bit differently and you will come up with storage places.

do you have the storage room to become a reseller?

Finally, Are you organised?

Reselling takes a large amount of organisation. It’s not something you can pick up and put down whenever you choose. If an item sells you need to package and post within 24 hours. This process will include a trip to the post office to drop the package off. Ask yourself;

Could you add a trip to the post office at least 5 days a week?

are you organised enough to become a reseller?

Have you answered yes to all 4 questions? Are you still excited about reselling? Then read our other blogs on reselling and start today!

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