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Free Swedish Baby Box

It is very tempting to go crazy and buy lots of things for your new baby when you are pregnant. I really tried to avoid falling into this trap. Speaking to a lot of new mums they all seemed to have lots of items they had never used, ready to give away. That being said I did do a lot of research into the things I definitely needed to buy. The main one being something for the baby to sleep in that would fit next to my bed. Whilst sitting in the hospital waiting for my 20-week scan I saw a poster for a free Swedish Baby Box, I was intrigued.

What is a Swedish Baby Box?

It is basically a cardboard box! Sounds strange! It is nicely decorated and comes with a mattress, sheets and nappies and wipes. Everything you need. You do need to watch a series of 20 short videos to qualify for the box. They cover everything from how to be healthy when pregnant, car seat safety and first aid. I found them really useful and watched them with my partner. After completing all the videos you can either choose for the box to be sent to your house (£8 shipping fees apply) or collect from a local centre. We chose to pay £8. I didn’t want to be faffing around and driving to collect a big box heavily pregnant.

Free Swedish Baby Box

Why do Swedish Babies sleep in Cardboard Boxes?

There is a lot of research behind these boxes, they have actually been giving them away in Scandinavia for 75 years. This has helped them achieve the lowest mortality rates in Europe. BBC News has a great story of the history of the boxes here.

In Finland and Sweden, you have the option to choose cash or a baby box filled with essentials. In the UK it is only some councils that are offering free Swedish Baby Boxes. You can find out if you are eligible here, you just need to enter your postcode.

What does the BabyBoxCo (Swedish Baby Boxes) have to say about its programme?


Take a Class

Watch a series of short videos from experts in prenatal, infant and child healthcare.

  • Bite-size, easy to absorb video clips
  • Credible info supported by research
  • Topics cover pregnancy, babies and toddlers

Take a Quiz

The quiz is just a way to make sure you can use what you’ve learned in real life. Your answers won’t be evaluated, and you can take it again if you need to.

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Untimed – take as long as you’d like
  • Can be taken multiple times

Get Your Reward

Once you complete your quiz, you’ll be taken to a page where you can claim your reward.

  • Rewards are based on your child’s life stage and designed for their health and safety.
  • Examples include Baby Boxes, safety and care products and even product vouchers
  • Pickup or ship to home options are available (shipping fees may apply)

Would I recommend Swedish Baby Boxes?

ABSOLUTELY! Edward is now 10 weeks old, he has slept for at least 5 hours a night from 5 weeks old. I believe that the simple design helps him get back to sleep and not be distracted when trying to get to sleep. That paired with the science behind the drop in mortality rates and the fact that I probably saved £100+ pounds not having to buy a cot is a no brainer!

I urge any pregnant mums to sign up today!

Get a baby box here

Have you tried the baby box or attended the online course. I would love to hear your thoughts! Is your baby sleeping???

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6 thoughts on “Free Swedish Baby Box

  1. I’m really fascinated by this Swedish Baby Box. My daughter in law is pregnant and have shared the link to this article. I remember when I was around 8-9 years old, my aunt would put my baby cousin to sleep in a box padded with quilt during the day time as it was easier to carry him around.

    1. @mayuri I think we are going back to the old ways! I hope your daughter in law finds the box as useful as me!

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