eBay reselling advise – make more money from splitting sets

eBay reselling advise – make more money from splitting sets

We recently made our biggest profit from an item on eBay and it inspired me to write this post. I think that sometimes you can make the most money from splitting items/sets and selling them separately. Read on to find out my reasons why.

A story of eBay reselling success

You probably want to know how much our most profitable item to date is. I bought a Hermès belt for £20 which can retail for up to £545 new. Check out a similar one here. We had it listed for £300 for several weeks and only received really low offers. We had hoped to sell it for £250. A buyer approached us to buy the buckle only. If you didn’t know, a lot of expensive designer belts are reversible and the buckles can be taken off/bought separately). As we had had no luck selling the belt we listed the buckle and belt separately for £50 and £220 respectively. They both sold within days of being listed (the belt for an offer of £185). So that works out as a profit of £215 before eBay fees/postage.

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Learning from our mistakes

I wish I had thought of this when we first started reselling on eBay. We found a limited edition Adidas tracksuit for £10 and in hindsight, I think we would’ve made more money from it than we did. I had searched the sold prices of similar items on eBay sold search function, read more about that here, and priced the item accordingly. What I didn’t realise is that some of the items I had seen sold were the top or the bottoms separately and not the complete tracksuit. We had found something rarer than we first thought! If we would have sold the items separately I believe we would have made more profit. However, we were extremely happy with our sale price of £150. It was our biggest profit at the time!

Why you can make more money from splitting items

I think that sometimes if you are lucky to find a designer or high price item, splitting it can make you more money. For example, a second-hand belt of £250 for one person is a big spend, but a buckle for £50 for one person and belt for £185 for another isn’t so bad. I think it is always worth checking how much items can sell for individually before listing something as a set on eBay. I hope this post has inspired you to keep your eyes out for sets and think about how selling set items individually could make you more money. Happy shopping!

What is the best item you have bought and resold on eBay? Have you ever sold items that you bought as a set separately? Let us know if you have any similar tips you can share!  Make sure you check out our post from @jenreseller

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