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This month we are so happy to have a feature on our blog from our favourite Instagram bargain hunter, @whatlaurenfound. If you follow Lauren, you will know she is the queen of bargain hunting and finding amazing discounts and freebies. Read on to find out more about Lauren, why she decided to start an Instagram and how she finds the best bargains.

Meet the lady behind the Instagram

My name’s Lauren. I am 27 and a mum of two children Milly and Archie. Since being a child I have always been a bargain hunter! When it came to having birthday money and treating myself I never wanted to pay full price for a toy I wanted the best deal and didn’t always spend my money straight away. 

My Nana has been a big influence for me with my bargain hunting ways. She’s always taken me into charity shops and discounted stores and now I take her on my bargain hunts which she LOVES.

Why you started @whatlaurenfound 

I started my Instagram because I was posting all my bargain hunting finds into a well known “deal app” but began receiving negativity and some trolling in response to my posts. Because of this, I stopped sharing my bargains on this app but kept on finding them.

I wanted to keep sharing the amazing deals I was finding as I know there would be people who would appreciate it. Instagram seemed like a great option to have an account dedicated to my bargains and share my finds/post pictures but I need a name. I asked on my personal Instagram for name suggestions if I was to start a dedicated bargain hunting/deals account. Some of the responses were funny but none were suitable. Then I just thought ‘What Lauren Found’ because I’m always trying to find some form of bargain! 

I wish I had decided to start an Instagram account sooner as I didn’t know this type of community existed! On my personal Instagram, I had followed a couple of yellow sticker accounts but once I started @whatlaurenfound I couldn’t believe the variety of accounts out there! I have been truly inspired and much more motivated with my money and saving seeing others journeys. Since joining I have discovered more freebie opportunities, participated in product testing, earned money through receipt and survey apps and finally, I have started to use cashback apps. 

Bargain hunting tips from Lauren

  1. Check the store has a clearance section or a reduced area. When a store is clearing off stock they can reduce products to really amazing prices.
  2. Not everything reduced goes into a clearance area. Check the shelf prices as a lot of stores can label prices reduced to clear “RTC”. I know Boots, Wilkos, ASDA, Tesco and Superdrug do this. 
  3. Don’t be shy to ask for a price check. I have seen amazing accounts find really good bargains but when I go to my store the label may say full price but the majority of the time it is reduced they just haven’t changed the price the same time as another store. 
  4. If you see the shelf price reduced and there’s a lot of stock I would wait it out as the price may lower further but it’s a risk.

Best finds to date 

I really can’t choose the best find to date because I have had so many good finds! But I will list a few of my favourites:

  • 1p St. Moritz FAKE TANS in Superdrug
  • ALDO heels which retail for £75 for £5 in the Next clearance
  • Boots No7 Gift Sets worth £60 reduced to £15 online *imperfect stock*
  • Amazing 99p sale at Clinton’s 
  • Superdrug free Max Factor gift worth £28 when purchasing new in a makeup product. I paid £1 for a lipstick and received the gift 

We really loved learning more about Lauren and her bargain-hunting tips. If you don’t follow her on Instagram already, head over there and show her some love. Make sure you are following @thesavvysistersmoney too! Check out our previous months guest feature here. Comment your best bargain-hunting tips below!

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