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7 Top Money-Saving Tips from Mummy Bloggers!

What is your number one money-saving tip?

Can you think of a better person to ask for a money-saving tip? We asked 7 mummy bloggers for their top money-saving tips. If they could share one piece of advice to fellow mummies, mummies to be or friends or family members, what would you share…. Here they are! Make sure you check out the fantastic blogs below, they really have some great resources.

Money-Saving Tip 1 Meal Planning

I am Brianna Ognibene and I run mastering mom life. I’m a stay at home mom and living on one income is not always easy. So I started to plan my meals around what sales the grocery store has that week. So I’m not meal planning and buying expensive ingredients. I’ll buy ingredients based on what’s the deal of the week and then create meals from those items. It saves us over $100 a month! 

Make your baby food from scratch

Tip 2 Make your baby food from scratch

I’m Amanda Coyne-Bingham and I run the blog, Quiet Life Housewife. It’s new and almost ready to launch! In it, I focus on family. I’m a parent first and foremost. Life with a wild and wonderful three-year-old has taught me a lot of invaluable things that I hope to impart on to others. I’m also passionate about the state of our beautiful planet so I’m hoping to share ways in which people can live more sustainable lives. I am also an avid hobbyist! Reading, stitching, crafting and planning…

The #1 tip I want to share with you is: once your baby is ready to eat solid food, always try to cook your baby’s meals from scratch! You don’t need any fancy equipment, just some different fruits and veggies, a fork and some mini storage containers for the freezer. However, if you want to make the purée super smooth, I recommend the NutriBullet Baby Food Blender. You can get one on Amazon.

When your little one is ready to eat solid food it so cheap to make your own baby food from scratch and bonus, you don’t need to consume all the extra waste that comes from using pouch food! One sweet potato and one carrot, for example, can make six or more little baby dinners. Just chop small, boil until a knife pierces through easily then mash well or blend until you are at a smooth consistency. Date and freeze for later use! You can make simple deserts by (for example) mashing avocado and banana together! What about blueberries and mango?! It’s ready to eat right there and then after only a few minutes prep! There are so many awesome combinations of foods to try and it’s a great way to broaden your baby’s taste palette! Carrot and parsnip, potato and kale, broccoli and cauliflower! Don’t forget to throw in a couple of gentle herbs for extra flavours, like dill! Our little one is three now and is a real foodie. She still loves sampling everything! It was a real money saver to make our own baby food from scratch. I highly recommend it!

Money-Saving Tip 3 Make your own toys

I am Dee, a Sydney-based mummy blogger over at Living and Loving Life. My blog is all about raising happy and healthy little humans; and sharing my love of family, food and travel. For a money-saving tip, why not try a bit of DIY and make your child a hand-on sensory toy? Specifically, a Latch Board is a great learning and developmental toy that helps to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, hand-dexterity and problem-solving skills. Head over to my blog for full instructions: https://livingandlovinglife.com.au/diy-latch-board/

DIY Latch Board

Tip 4 Don’t restrict yourself to one supermarket

I’m Mellissa and I run frugalfeather.com! My blog is all about living your best life without breaking your budget! The tip I would like to share is one way I feed my family of seven on a budget! The best way I do that is by not restricting myself to only one grocery store. I break up my grocery list according to which stores offer the best prices, and although it adds a few minutes to my grocery trip, I always manage to stay under budget!

Tip 5 Have a budget

I am Jill and I run Rock Solid Mom Blog. My blog is all about encouraging women throughout every phase of motherhood. Rock Solid Mom offers budgeting and self-care tips, as well as kid-friendly recipes and DIY projects. The tip I would like to share is ways to lower your grocery bill!

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I could grab whatever I wanted at the store, without taking money into consideration. Now, I meticulously budget, meal plan and use these tips and have lowered my weekly grocery bill to $80.00 for a family of 5!

Tip 6 Grab what’s on sale and use coupons

I am Kelli Femrite and I run The Working Mom Collective Blog. The tip/item I would like to share is: A discovery I made recently when trying to meal plan for the week was that my husband typically plans meals around what main dishes/meats are on sale. I used to laugh at his “unorganized” shopping lists, but his method actually saves a ton of money at the grocery store. He walks into the store and goes straight to the produce and then meat section. He grabs things on sale and then uses them to plan out the rest of the meals for the week. I typically am the couponer so I will add coupons while we’re walking around the store after I see what he puts in the cart. This method has worked well to cut costs while grocery shopping and also allows us to cut unnecessary impulse purchases.

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Money-Saving Tip 7 Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

I’m Lauren and I run Sips and Sidebars Blog. My blog is all about motherhood, recipes, personal growth, and currently, some fall finds! The tip I would like to share for saving money is to reconsider your cable needs. My husband and I are saving each month just by getting rid of cable and utilizing subscriptions like Hulu. We are so surprised at how much we were paying for cable services we didn’t even use and don’t miss at all!

I think you can all agree, there is a lot of information here and some fantastic tips! I am off to plan my meals and check the direct debits, see if there is anything we can cancel!

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Do you have any tips you would like to share? Please share them below in our comments for our readers to enjoy 🙂

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