earn money on maternity leave

5 ways to Earn Money on your Phone whilst on Maternity Leave

As you know I am currently on maternity leave. The idea that you can make money on your phone or iPad while sitting in front of the TV or during the night feed amazed me. It really sounded too good to be true. So I thought I would test it out. Can you really make ££ from doing very little ….. yes!

How to Earn Money on Maternity Leave

The first thing you need is a PayPal account, all the apps and sites I am testing pay you via PayPal. Next, get downloading. I am currently thoroughly testing all of the apps listed below. It would take me too long to write long detailed articles on all of them, so thought I would share as I go.

Make Money through online surveys

Prolific This online survey site allows you to take online surveys. Each survey details how long it will take, what is involved and who is conducting the research. Create an account online and answer about 50/100 basic questions about yourself. You will then be able to access surveys. This is what they look like. If you put the time in you could make £5/10 a day easily.

make money though prolific on maternity leave

Join here https://www.prolific.co/participants

Respondent, This is my biggest moneymaker. You can read more about my month taking part in market research here. After you register you can complete mini questionnaires to see if you qualify for market research over skype.  If you do qualify you to complete these calls using a webcam, they normally last 45 minutes and you get paid up to £120! I have completed 2 so far, they are really fun!  

make money with respondant on maternity leave

Join Herehttps://app.respondent.io/r/rachelgreening-55309074d7ce 

Money Making Apps


Streetbees works by answering questions and taking photos of items and receipts to tell a story. See the breakfast example below. You normally get paid between £1 – 5 per story. You can quite often get a free drink or snack if you are out and about.

earn money on maternity leave with streetbees


VYPR is so easy to use. Download and register. You will see a selection of images. Click on these and answer the question it’s that easy! Once you get to 10,000 points you get £5. The questions mostly appear in the day so make sure you check during those day time naps!

make money on maternity leave with VYPR


If you don’t mind being on camera, this is the app for you! Download this app and voice your opinion on topics, questions and brands by submitting mini 30-second videos. If your videos are accepted then you’re in the money!

earn money on maternity leave with vypr

There are hundreds of ways to make some extra cash while on maternity leave. I am going to test them all! Be sure to check out my other articles on how to make money, and best websites to sign up to when your pregnant if you’re expecting.

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