5 Easy Ways to Spot a Resale Bargain from Charity / Thrift Shops

5 Easy Ways to Spot a Resale Bargain from Charity / Thrift Shops

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hunt out a bargain from a charity shop, from wanting to wear expensive pieces to reselling items online. Use these 5 simple steps to find a resale bargain from charity.

1. Look for designer labels

It is very easy to spot designer items as they normally stand out from the crowd. You may even find that these items are used as display pieces. If this is the case then you will probably find that the items have been priced accordingly and there is not much profit. Look out for the less known designer pieces that sell for a high price on eBay, we have had success with Max Mara and House of CB. We recently purchased a House of CB blazer for £10 that went on to sell for £63 on eBay!

2. Feel the fabric

If you do not have time to look though every label then I would suggest going along and feeling the fabric. You can always feel an expensive item from a cheap one. Silk, Cashmere and 100% wool items are normally from expensive designers. The only downfall to these items is that the fabrics are delicate and normally have specialist washing instructions so make sure you check an item thoroughly before buying. It maybe that a few stitches with a needle and thread will bring the item back to its former glory. We have had success with a Keidi Kelin silk kaftan that we bought for £10 and sold for £35.

Not sure if you have found a resale bargain from charity?

3. Search sold items on eBay

When you have found something that you think is interesting check recently sold items on eBay. You can find out more information on how to do this, with our guide on how search Amazon for sold prices. When checking see how often the item is selling and what is the average selling price. You can use a profit calculator to see how much you will walk away with after selling fees like this one – https://finalfeecalc.co.uk/

4. Check barcodes with the Amazon Seller App

If you find an item with a barcode or an ISBN number you can easily search using the Amazon Seller App. This free to download app lets you scan barcodes and instantly shows you how much the item is currently selling for, in new and used conditions. You can also see how much your fees would be if you sell though Amazon. The App also comes with a really handy profit calculator where you can add in your purchase price and selling cost and it automatically calculates your profit after selling on Amazon.

5. Always search the belts!  

Our final tip is always check small items in charity and thrift shops. We have had our biggest successes with belts, often items that are all priced £1 can end up being gold mines!

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Some ideas include:

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  2. Donating your unwanted items
  3. Donating your time

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  1. I’ve recently started going round charity shops, hoping to find myself a bargain…….but not for re-selling. I already go round car boot sales and find lots of bargains, especially for my granddaughters. I don’t tend to have much luck in finding clothes for myself, probably cos of the area I live in
    @dianecarey6 on Instagram

    1. That’s great you are looking for second hand clothes, I sometimes struggle to find bits for myself, you just have to keep looking :)!

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